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We are the first to launch Spy Pen Camera, Keychain Camera, Button Camera, GSM Bug & Various other products in Pakistan, Spygadgets Pakistan started back in December 2011 as a hobby project, a niche e-commerce store which aimed to provide legal surveillance products in Pakistan at an affordable price. If you are looking for a recording device which can record evidence, record important business meetings and real estate deals, record lectures or simply something which is not possible to record in regular conditions, you have come to right place, we have a long list of products in various categories serving various purpose for personal & professional use.

Whether you are a student, journalist, lawyer, doctor, real estate agent or Armed force Officer, We have product available to fit your needs.

Beware of the Online stores selling low quality, non-certified Chinese Replicas of SPY Products for profits.

With over 1000+ satisfied customer in Pakistan, we are Market Leader of Spy Products. Shop with us & get the high-quality product, unbeatable customer service, and the best technical support around. Our aim is to provide highest quality CE, FCC & ROHS certified products at affordable price.

Our products are created in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan under the supervision of trained worker, all of our products have a lifespan of more than a year, unlike other store products which last not more than 1 Month.

Thank you and happy shopping! Support Team.